I’m a digital media junkie living in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood and enjoying all the wonderful things this city has to offer.

I grew up in Geneva, Illinois, a suburb far west outside of Chicago, and I attended college at Illinois State University. I graduated with a Masters in Professional Accountancy with a concentration on Management/Business Information Systems. I learned programming the same time I learned tax code.

After college I got quickly disillusioned with the accounting industry culture and started a music blog on the side hoping to make my pivot to digital media. On July 4th, 2004 following the recent news that my favorite band would be breaking up soon, I published the first post on LIVE music blog. I recruited other people. We started breaking stories about festival lineups.

The plan worked.

I got hired as an Ad Ops guy at FeedBurner, a publisher services company that sold to Google a year later for reportedly close to $100 million. I got all the startup training I ever could need and probably learned more in 15 months than I had in the previous 15 years of my life.

After my contract at Google ran out post acquisition, I served in a variety of Ad Ops roles at a variety of startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve logged stints at Digg, BuzzLogic, Technorati Media, AllBusiness.com, ShareThis, SheKnows Media, Proper Media, and Ezoic. I’ve also done some Ad Ops consulting as well.

Right now I’m at Saambaa building out a Publisher Solutions team. Get in touch if you want to chat!

When I’m not working, I’ve newly into fitness and recently started skateboarding again. I’m also hooked on Ashtanga yoga.

Music tends to be my spiritual base and my connection with a higher power. It makes me laugh, cry, and everything in between. My practice involves playing music and going to concerts and festivals. Sometimes I also practice skateboarding and also yoga. How do you practice?